Dress Codes For Fine Dining Restaurants

Reserving a place for dining at a fine dining restaurant can be exciting. But before you go there, you should know the dress codes that they maintain. In many restaurants, you will need to book in advance, and they will tell you the dress code at the time of reservation. Here we will discuss the fine dining restaurant dress code.


If the restaurant manager requests you to wear ‘casual’, then don’t think you can wear anything you want. The ‘casual’ is also something higher than what you wear in the afternoon while strolling in the park.

Casual dress means something comfortable yet polished. Outfits that you find in stores like Gaps are considered ‘casual’, like simple tees or Polo shirts with fitted jeans and shoes. Flip-flops and ripped jeans are not allowed. Light colours and bold patterns are preferred.

Business casual

This dress code refers to the comfortable and polished outfits that you would wear at a workplace. You should dress up professionally yet look relaxed. This is the kind of dress you will wear when meeting a client or doing a presentation.

For women, business casual means collared shirts, suits, and knee-length skirts. Tailored dresses and capris are also allowed. You shouldn’t wear clothes that reveal too much skin. Men must wear collared shirt and trousers. Blazer would be ideal in this case.

Casual elegant

This is the dressed-up version of the casual outfit. Men can wear a dark suit with trousers. Women can wear formal pants or a black dress. You should choose darker colours for outfits. Fine jewellery and makeup are allowed.


If the dress code is formal, then you should wear ravishing dresses and suits. Women can wear long gowns and men full dress with vest, shirt, and tie.

Knowing these dress codes will save you from awkward situations. You won’t feel out of place when you visit these fine dining restaurants, and you will feel confident about your look.