Fine-Dining Etiquettes That You Should Know

In many places in the world, fine dining etiquette is taught in classes. Those in the hospitality industry need to learn these, and also those who dine in these restaurants should be aware of the etiquette for a pleasant dining experience. Here are some things you should know when you go to a fine dining restaurant.

Don’t lift your menu off the table

When you go to any formal dining or fine dining restaurant, you should make sure that the menu is always touching the table. When you are looking through the menu, make sure that one part of the menu is always touching the table.

Sip from the same part of the glass

When you sip on a glass of wine, soft drinks, or water, you should sip from the same side of the glass throughout your stay at the restaurant. This way, you won’t have lipstick marks all over the glass. The same rule goes for the men also. You must also put back the glass in the same position on the table after drinking.

Don’t ask for an oyster fork

If you have ordered an oyster and there is no oyster fork on the table, then don’t ask for one. That’s because the oyster must be already loosened, and you can eat it without the fork. After finishing the oyster, you should turn the shell over on the plate. This signals that you are done.

The ‘discards’ should be on the upper left side of the plate 

All the ‘discards’ like fish bones or lemon that you don’t want to eat should be placed on the upper left side of the plate. Sauces and butter must be placed at the bottom right.

Fold your napkin properly

You should fold the napkin in half and face the crease toward you. Then place it on the lap. You should never wipe stains. Instead, just dab them. After that, you should close the napkin so that the stains stay hidden inside the napkin.

Next time when you go to a fine dining restaurant, remember these things. People surrounding you will have a good impression of you, and you won’t have to face any awkward moments also.

Dining Etiquette 101

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